Replacing the super cape with SUPER moments.

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Ready to SPARK?

Our day of celebration begins before you even open the door and allows you to immediately disconnect from the world - and the traffic - around you!

Throughout the day we will reflect, write, interact, play, and dance. We will connect with a potent group of women invited to share their stories and to get to know yours.

We will explore the value of service.  We will gain perspective by listening to the challenges and triumphs of others. We will connect you with the right people to help you get to where you want to be or who you want to become. We will foster relationships in an environment that is free of pettiness, competition or jealousy. We will decide for ourselves what success means!


Who is Luly B.?

I am a mom, wife, speaker, consultant and author of the Amazon best-seller “Balance is Bull$h!t.” After working for over a decade in corporate America, I became an entrepreneur in search of work/life balance. I founded Chispa Marketing in 2006 and within just a few years, my boutique marketing firm was on its way to surpassing a million dollars in revenue and served a who’s who list of clients, including the country’s largest college and one of the world’s largest wine festivals.

But I struggled searching for that illusive work/life balance everyone kept telling me about. Where was it? Does it even exist? What does success really mean and who defines success?

In 2012, I put my passion and family first as I restructured the award-winning boutique marketing firm to work around my life’s priorities. I took those experiences in making tough choices, prioritizing, and being okay with not being perfect and turned it into a movement to help other women who wear a ton of hats.

Through my one-on-one coaching, e-courses, mastermind sessions, affirmation cards and speaking engagements, I help women create the life they want by accepting their gifts, living with confidence and perspective, and stepping into their greatness. My message of empowerment, leadership, and confidence has reached thousands of women, including clients and partners like Macy’s, Procter & Gamble, and Dell.



B. inspiration

a small daily reminder for a big shift in perspective



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Ready for the
gift of daily inspiration?

B.fabulous® is Luly B.’s curated set of 21 cards with her own inspirational quotes as well as her favorite affirmations and powerful intentions for your desk, vanity or night table.


Inspiration Through Action

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