Authentic. Realistic. Passionate. Full of Positive Energy!
That’s Luly B!

The feisty Cuban-American mom and entrepreneur with more than fifteen years’ experience in marketing strategy, business consulting, and leadership.

Drawing from her experience in the nonprofit, academic, and corporate sectors as well as her own entrepreneurial journey, she helps awesome women who wear a ton of hats get over the guilt, self-doubt, and fear that stops us from truly living the happy lives we are meant to enjoy.

Her message of empowerment, leadership, and confidence has reached thousands of women all around the country, including clients and partners like Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, Dell, and Televisa.

Her Career

With fifteen years of diverse experience in marketing, events, and public relations in various industries, Luly founded Chispa Marketing, an interactive marketing firm in Miami. Her clients have included the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Miami Dade College, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Keyes Realtors.

The success of Chispa Marketing is a testament to Luly’s solid reputation as a marketing expert through the years. As Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Florida International University’s Global Entrepreneurship Center, she managed dozens of conferences and seminars, directed all PR efforts, and spearheaded a major marketing campaign to promote alumni entrepreneurs. While at Warner Bros. Publications, she managed the marketing initiatives for a music curriculum developed by the music company and supported a national sales force of more than 100. She began her career at the American Red Cross of Greater Miami & The Keys, where she managed community service campaigns, coordinated large-scale fundraisers, and served as an international spokesperson for the organization. This even included serving in New York City following the 9-11 tragedy – one of the highlights of her professional career.

Cuban-American Entrepreneur

Growing up in Miami, the daughter of two Cuban immigrants, Luly was always told she had chispa (as in cheess-pah). Literally translated, chispa means spark, but in the Hispanic community, particularly the Cuban community, it also describes a person who is dynamic, clever, vibrant and spunky – a firecracker. Luly’s Cuban-American heritage came through when establishing her marketing firm, Chispa Marketing. This name was not only a tribute to her culture, but also to the family that raised her – that struggled as immigrants when first arriving to this country, but then rising above to become educated and successful members of the community. There is no better example of pride, work ethic and down-right guts. It’s safe to say, the chispa runs in the family.

family-first gal

Yeah, being a career woman is great and having so many supporters that believe in what you’re doing is mind-blowing, but by far, one of Luly’s proudest accomplishment is putting her family first. While embarking on her MBA, she discovered she was pregnant with her first baby, George. Working a full-time (and demanding) job, a home, school and life in general was no easy feat, so she chose to leave her corporate job to an academic job. Even though she made less, the flexibility and benefits were ideal to her as a new mom. Soon after, she finished her Master’s, and Marcelo came along, she realized she wanted more…

After 10 years in the hustle and bustle of marketing, Luly opted to become a consultant, with every intention on living her life as a stay-at-home mom, but still doing what she loved on the side. A mere six weeks later, she had six large clients and Chispa Marketing was born.

Being a mom and a business owner is hard, but it’s not impossible. And in truth, Luly’s success would not have been the same without her family in her life. By sharing her expertise, challenges, and experiences, she hopes to empower other working women that they, too, can achieve success without having to sacrifice who they are and who they want to be.