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 SPARK is a day dedicated to fun, perspective, kindness and connection.

It's about giving you the tools and introducing you to the people who will allow you to make that a permanent part of your life.


 SPARK is the most fun you can have on a weekday and will transform how you work, how you treat yourself and others, and how you go about your daily life.

Come for the excitement, empowerment & connection!

Join more than 300 women to experience a twist to personal and professional development.

And walk away with leadership and networking skills, a renewed sense of purpose, and powerful connections so they can do more of what lights YOU up!


 Throughout the day we reflect, write, interact, play, and dance. We will connect with a potent group of women invited to share their stories and to get to know yours.

You will leave inspired, armed and ready to build a life you believe in. Really - you’ll have notes, a workbook, phone numbers, new friends and great ideas. You will leave with whatever YOU need to get you going.

I’m all about making things happen, so be WARNED: Participation in SPARK may lead to moments of unapologetic confidence, seemingly disproportionate displays of happiness and an overwhelming sense of I’m not alone, I am enough and LET’S DO THIS!

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This amazing event is benefiting Fostering Panther Pride a program at FIU that offers tailored academic and other support services to undergraduate students identified as former foster youth or homeless.

Listen to the change SPARK made to Christina’s life





SPARK with Luly B Sparkler header.jpg

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