Discover the fire in your soul.

Remember that you are enough.

Realize that the light is already within you.


Make the right decision to invest in yourself and
uncover how you can thrive in work and life.

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October 11-13, 2019 in South Florida


The Environment

You'll be staying on a gorgeous property, enjoying peaceful surroundings and indulging in homemade meals prepared with a ton of love by a chef just for you...all weekend long! You'll also have time to reflect, disconnect and play.


The People

This is for a small, committed group of amazing women just like you. The kind of woman you want in your tribe. And after this weekend, you will be crew!


The Work

Intimate conversations, powerful reflections, and workshop modules with some of Luly's BEST tips on goal-setting, communication, time management, getting over guilt, and stepping into your greatness.



You will leave this unforgettable weekend feeling rejuvenated, with the right tools and tips to live life on your own terms.

SUPER woman Retreat_logo.png
  • Determine your own definition of success

  • Reflect on your priorities for self-care, work, and family

  • Develop short-term life and career goals based on lifelong dreams

  • Create a plan around your priorities and goals

  • Disconnect, recharge, replenish and renew all that makes you SUPER!


As a result, you will:

  • get your work done AND find more ME time

  • ditch the superhero cape and overcome guilt

  • celebrate your awesomeness without feeling like you have to be modest

  • say "no" to the things that don't serve you

  • choose the right people for your life that love you enough to be real with you

  • say “yes” to the love and support that surrounds you

  • learn how putting YOURSELF first will increase the impact on the lives you were meant to touch


This is right for you if you: believe there's something "more" out there for you

...struggle with the meaning of "work/life balance"

...want to make a big impact through your work and not sure how your family, but love your work, too, and want to figure out a way to savor both

...are passionate about what you do but have a hard time explaining it to others

...would like to be a part of a group of awesome women that "get" you

...want to create specific streams of revenue for your business that don't suck up all your time and resources

...want to stop the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion that contribute to lack of patience and compassion for yourself

...desire more ME time, more joy, and more peace

...are excited about a fabulous getaway in a beautiful, casual environment that will help you enjoy your family & work more


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Here's what you get when you join us:         

  • a two-night, three-day stay at an exquisite country home, just 40 minutes away from Miami - far away enough to unwind and disconnect but close enough to not need air travel

  • the opportunity to spend an entire weekend with me, where I offer the BEST of my content, knowledge and expertise

  • access to amazing women just like YOU

  • a 45-minute private call with me so I can get acquainted with how best to support you during the weekend and beyond

  • delicious, homemade meals prepared by personal chef, Chef Santana, all weekend long

  • a binder with notes, worksheets, and reflections

  • access to a pool, biking, trampolines, ping pong, foosball, a theatre room and more

  • a surprise gift

*** All this for less than what you might think. Payment plans are available, so schedule a chat here so I can tell you all about it!


Click above to schedule a call with Luly B. and she'll tell you about the weekend and easy payment options.

Check out what some of the SUPER women

have to say about their experience.

“This is a physical, emotional, spiritual and enlightening experience. I am inspired to take action.”
–Alicia Santos

"This is where you explore what it will take to be the best version of yourself."
-Yanyn San Luis

"Luly is one of us, and she makes it okay to be ME."
-Christie Morgado

"Unlike anything I have been to (and I have gone to A LOT!)
         -Nikki Novo

"A chance to pause and reflect so I can live a life I love."
        -Jamie Allen

"Reflect, refresh and recharge while refilling your cup."
         -Holly Delgado

"Grateful for all the break-throughs."
         -Joyce Lentz

"Everything that was covered touched on something I needed personally and professionally."
         -Michelle Nunez-Mendoza

"Life-changing for this millennial."
         -Natalia Marco

"So glad I finally took time for myself. I got to see the light!"
        -Veronica Fabre

"I thought women's retreats were hokey; this was a changing experience."
         -Jackie Awve

"I learned how to be a good example to my daughters by putting myself first."
         - Elvira Santamaria

"Reward yourself with this retreat."
         -Myra Martinez

"I'm worth putting myself first and finding my dreams."
        -Yomayra Perea

"Luly B is a genius and makes magic happen."
         -Mari Q. Colina

"I spend a lot of time helping others, but needed to do this for ME."
         -Mary Wong

"The Queen of Perspective helped me get back to myself."
         -Sally Villalba


Click the button to schedule a call with Luly B. to see if this is right for you.